GG Towing Quick Service - Towed vehicle without good cause and lied about it

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G&G Quick Service in Boothbay Harbor towed my car from a safe parking lot where the police told my son that it would safe to park it.There was nothing wrong with the vehicle and it was completely legal, as was my son.

There was 0 alcohol in his system when pulled over and tested. The police did not return him to the vehicle but rather left it blocking the door to a local business. G&G rushed to tow the vehicle before we had a chance to go pick-it up in the morning and charged $175.00 for said tow, whereas the police promised it would be okay to be parked. There were lies and deception between the police and the tow company stating the car was not legal to drive.

It was registered, safety stickered, insured and in perfect running condition. No one attempted to call us to come get the vehicle. If anyone needs tow service in Boothbay area I would suggest Hawke Towing.

They are fair, prompt courteous and honest.(opposite of G&G) G&G are crooks in cahoots with corrupt police.

Review about: Wreakers.

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